Hi, I’m Klára Glajcová

and I have been doing artistic cycling for more than 15 years.

About me

Klára Glajcová

My name is Klára Glajcová (born Kovářová) and I have been doing artistic cycling for more than 15 years. I started practicing under the team ZŠ Tuháčkova where Jana Horáčková was my coach. In 2005 our team joined with team TJ Sokol Brno Horní Heršpice, where I continued in the artistic cycling and Bořivoj Horváth became my coach.

During my racing career, I competed in the category of singles, pairs and team of four. My biggest achievements include the 4th place from European Championship (for juniors) in team of four (2007) and the 8th place from World Championship in pairs (2015). In a pair with Tomáš Gruna, I have also won the Czech Championships several times. In the category of singles, the best place was the 3rd place fromt the Czech Championship. The last medal I won was from the national championship in 2019.

I have been coaching since 2018. I currently train the pupils in the TJ Sokol Brno Horní Heršpice and I also hold a summer camp for the whole team every year.


Klára Glajcová

Dear visitors, If you’re interested in seeing me performing live, I can offer you the exhibition ride for various social, sport, company and other events.

I can arrange a singles, pairs or trio performance in the time range of 5–15 minutes. The most suitable surface is parquet floor with a minimal area 8×10 m.

Please feel free to contact me.

Artistic cycling

Artistic cycling is one of two part of indoor cycling. To be completed...

TJ Sokol Horní Heršpice


TJ Sokol Horní Heršpice was founded in 1957 by Rudolf Šikula. He led the team until 1975, when he handed over to Bořivoj Horváth for health reasons and advanced years. After the disagreements in 1978, Bořivoj Horváth and his wife Lea left the team. The leadership was first led by Miroslav Hájek and Jaroslav Koukal (1979 – 1990), then Josef Svoboda (1990 – 1997). In 1997, Bořivoj Horváth returned to the team and he persists in leadership until today (2024).

Bořivoj Horváth

Bořivoj Horváth

The tradition and success of the team are also underlined by the medals from the WCH (World Championship) and the ECH (European Championship).


  • WCH 1976 – 3rd Lea Horváthová
  • Eureopan Cup 1978 – 3rd Pavel Fráňa
  • ECH 1981 – 3nd Danuše Hájková
  • ECH 1982 – 1st place Danuše Hájková
  • ECH 1983 – 2nd Danuše Hájková
  • WCH 1983 – 2nd Danuše Hájková
  • WCH 1984 – 3rd Danuše Hájková
  • WCH 1985 – 3rd Danuše Hájková
  • WCH 1986 – 2nd Danuše Hájková
  • WCH 1987 – 3rd Danuše Hrdličková (Hájková)
  • WCH 1994 – 3rd Martina Štěpánková
  • ECH 1996 – 3rd Klára Svobodová
  • ECH 2000 – 3rd Andrea Petříčková and Iva Valešová
  • WCH 2002 – 2nd Arnošt Pokorný
  • WCH 2003 – 3rd Arnošt Pokorný
  • WCH 2004 – 1st Arnošt Pokorný
  • ECH 2004 – 2nd Ilona Horváthová with Kateřina Přibylová, Jana Oplocká and Michaela Matoušková from Němčice nad Hanou
  • ECH 2005 – 2nd Ilona Horváthová with Kateřina Přibylová, Jana Oplocká and Michaela Matoušková from Němčice nad Hanou
  • ECH 2005 – 3rd Jana Horáčková and Nikola Turečková
  • ECH 2011 – 1st Nikola Lebánková
  • WCH 2011 – 3rd Nikola Lebánková
  • WCH 2017 – 2nd Radek Jančík with Ondřej Hanzlíček from SKP Kometa Brno
  • ECH 2018 – 3rd Radek Jančík
  • ECH 2018 – 2nd Radek Jančík with Tereza Kosíková from Řečkovice


You can contact me using this form or on my cellphone +420 775 760 994.
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